Sunday, March 19, 2006

What if I were the president of Egypt?

I ask myself this question every now and then. What if I really became the president and had the chance to turn the country around. What would I do? It's a lot tougher than it might first appear. There are many problems in Egypt that it is just so difficult to know where to start; poverty, education, unemployment, infrastructure and on and on. It's a daunting task really. I therefore decided that I will not tackle any of the problems mentioned above, instead aim for a simpler one and that's not because I want to slack. I'll aim for manners and behavioural change first. It's based on the broken window theory. Prevent the small problems from accumulating and you prevent larger ones from occuring. The only problem is, that the large problems already exist in Egypt so it sounds like the wrong thing to do, but I don't believe so. I want Egyptians to be proud of where they live, where they drive, where they work, study. Basically proud of their country. Ask any Egyptian if he/she is proud of their country and you will get an astounding positive reply, but that is just talk. How can you be proud of your country when the streets are dirty, traffic is a calamity, laws are broken all the time...etc. Pride is a two way street. You take care of what you are proud of. Think about it, what if you start enforcing the law, like pay a hefty fine if you cross a red light. And I mean enforce it, so I do not care who broke it. We are all equal and we all pay. Wouldn't traffic be slightly better in a week? Granted that is not the only problem traffic in Egypt is facing but its a start. You litter, you are fined. You spit on the street, you are fined. Give it a thought and imagine if these things were applied for a month. You'd see a gradual change in the country and maybe just maybe you would be really proud of who you are. Only then can we start tackling the real problems above.


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