Wednesday, April 19, 2006

If you are not enraged yet, you should be.

The investigation into the sinking of the ferry last February blamed the owner and the maritime authorities for the disaster. The only problem is that the cowardly owner fled the country before the report was published! Obvioulsy he was very well connected. Yet another disaster and nobody will be held accountable since human life is worthless in Egypt. This quote sums it all:
“If just one tourist had been on board, I swear they would have left no stone unturned until they found the body,” Mohamad Diab, a farmer from Sohag, said. “When 14 tourists were killed in a bus accident last week, every state apparatus was on red alert. But because we are poor people, the government ignores our distress. It’s not like we are asking the government to treat us like tourists; we just want to be treated like human beings.”

More on this story can be read here.


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