Friday, May 12, 2006

Are we on the verge of a revolution?

Time magazie had this article on the latest protests to hit Egypt. The state might have won the battle but it knows it lost the war. Change will come and this regime will be toppled. The people had enough. Beating and abusing people will not make them side with the regime, on the contrary they will hate it more. The judges have now become a symbol of revolt against the regime and their popularity is gaining. The fact that they had to send 10 thousand troops to clamp down on the demonstation points that they are in panic mode. It will take time, but I will not be surprised if one day thousands of Egyptians hit the streets asking for a better life, a chance of freedom. We just have to overcome our fears. The fear of the "pharaoh" and overcome our endemic apathy. We are a subdued nation that will wake up. I just hope that when we do wake up we decide to fix the mess we are in and not end up going back to the dark ages.


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