Wednesday, June 07, 2006

2 days till the world cup!

I was asked by some American friends why all the hype surrounding the world cup? They just don't get the beauty of football and the emotions involved in watching a game. I started to explain to them what a rush it is to be in a stadium rooting for your team and how much more exciting it is that all American sports combined. To prove my point I sent them these 2 videos.

Dennis Bergkamp scoring the winning goal against Argentian in the 1998 1/4 finals. Scored in the 89th minute. It's the second part of the clip. Listen to the Dutch commentator go absolutely wild.

Maradona's goal against England in 1986. Argentinian commentator starts to cry. You'll need to know some Spanish to understand what he is saying. At one point he says "I want to cry, dear God, long live football". Later on he says "I am crying, excuse me"

Enjoy and I hope we watch amazing games and forget about politics and all the shit in the world for a month.


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