Monday, June 12, 2006

6/12 games

Well I managed to guess the outcome of two games out of three, but didn't get any result right. Not bad though.

Australia vs Japan
Talk about being tough as nails, Australia are going to be very difficult to play against. Strong, aggressive and fast. They major weak point is that they are not very technical and at times naive. Japan are a good team, but were no match to the stronger and taller Aussies. You got to love the snafu by the Egyptian referee too.

USA vs Czech Republic
I guess the surprise of the day was the ease with which the Czech team disposed of the US. I overestimated the US team and underestimated the Czechs. To be honest, this was the poorest US team I've seen in a while, if not the poorest team of the world cup so far. They didn't do anything. Probably the first team to pack their bags and head back home. Watch out for this Czech team, although the loss of Koller will be a huge blow to them.

Italy vs Ghana
I predicted a 1-0 win for Italy and nearly had it were it not for Kuffor's gift. The game was a classical Italian affair. Keep it tight, steal and goal and sit on it. Ghana had some good chances but they clearly need a good striker. This world cup will be poorest showing for African teams.


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