Tuesday, June 13, 2006

6/13 games

Again I got two out of three predictions correct, although none of my scores were right.

Togo vs Korea:
I didn't watch the game so have no comments.

France vs Switzerland:
The last time that France scored in the world cup was in the 1998 final against Brazil. It seems that they want to preserve the memory of that goal and never score again. They were terrible. The Swiss team played well enough to contain them and should have won the game had they taken their chances. France need to improve a lot, but they need to score first! It's such a terrible feeling to watch the great Zidane look so out of sorts.

Brazil vs Croatia:
I expected the game to be a tight afair even though I predicted Brazil to win it by 2-0. Brazil were not that impressive except for Kaka. Their forwards had a night off especially Ronaldo who looks like he had a dozen German sausages before the game started. Brazil are notorious for their slow starts and will get better once the tournament progress. The only worry Parreira should have is if they put a performance like this against the Czechs or Italians whom they will meet in the second round. Croatia were impressive especially in defense as they didn't give Brazil any room to run at them. They just let Kaka off the hook once and paid dearly for it. They stand a good chance of progressing from this group if they can beat Australia and Japan. I still believe that Brazil will not win it this time around.


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