Wednesday, June 14, 2006

6/14 games

I knew my predictions would be out of whack, I got 1 out of 3 correct.

Spain vs Ukraine
Spain set the bar today with a sublime display. I've never seen a more rampant Spanish side. If they can continue performing like they did today they will win it. They were fast, hungry, attacked from all over the field, defended very well and scored for fun. Total football. My only complaint, if it is a complaint, is that I feel they peaked too early. Teams like to take it bit by bit during the world cup and peak towards the end. Peak earlier and you risk injuring players and showing your opponents what you are capable. You then lose your element of surprise. Ukraine were really poor and they were out of it when Spain were 2-0 up. I still think both of these teams will progress from the group.

Saudi Arabia vs Tunisia
I didn't watch the game so I have no comments.

Germany vs Poland
An entertaining high tempo game and a much better showing by the Polish team. Germany were there usual self, efficient and running at the opposition all the time. I thought Klinsmann was very smart with this changes and that they fully deserved the win. Poland are a good side, but have no teeth. Their strikers are impotent. They will not be missed from the world cup.


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