Sunday, June 18, 2006

6/18 games

This is my off day as I didn't get a single correct result.

Japan vs Croatia
They huffed and puffed but it seemed like both teams were trying to move a moutain that just wouldn't budge. Perhaps it was the heat, but then they are playing in Germany not Kuwait. A poor game.

Brazil vs Australia
The score line is flattering to Brazil who although played better than against the Croats still look unconvincing. They rely on individual brilliance as opposed to team play. I also think their tactics are incorrect. Ronaldo and Adriano are too static and they need to move more to open up spaces. They are both target players and do not like moving a lot to create space thus I do not think they can play together well. I think Robinho should start instead of Ronaldo and that Parreira should adjust his tactics. Brazil will probably defeat their opponent in the next round but Spain will probably await them in the 1/4 final and I do not see them defeating them.

France vs South Korea
Wow France finally scored! They couldn't get the win and I think they played quite well in the first half but we very disappointing in the second half. Such talented players but they cannot play as a team. I always feel bad watching the great Zidane now; a shadow of the master player he was.


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