Wednesday, June 21, 2006

6/20 games

Germany vs Ecuador
I predicted a 1-0 win to Germany so again right outcome, wrong result. Germany looked very sharp and Ecuador played its poorest game of the tournament so far. They were clearly going for the draw but that didn't work out very well. Germany are progressing every game and with the home field advantage it will be very difficult to knock them out particulary if Klose is on fire as he is now. Ecuador will most probably be eliminated by England, depending on which English side shows up to play!

Engand vs Sweded
A tale of two halves. I only watched the first half and it looked like England was in cruise control. Joe Cole was tormenting the Swedes and scored a beauty, then it all seemed to go wrong in the second half. Judging from the highlights I saw Sweden could have easily won the game. Owen's injury will cause a lot of concern to Eriksson who unwisely decided not to include Defoe in his squad. England will proceed to play Ecuador and will beat them. Sweden and Germany should be interested to watch, so I won't predict anything yet!


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