Friday, June 30, 2006

Brazil vs France predictions

Brazil have so far dozed through the tournament and have been outplayed in every single game except probably against Japan. Yet they are the only team in the world that can be completely outplayed for 80 minutes and still win 3-0. This approach doesn't work against a top quality team like France though. Should Brazil put a display similar to the one againt Ghana, they will lose and by a wide margin. Thierry Henry will not miss like Gyan. In my opinion Brazil need to start with Ronaldo and Robinho to win this game. Ronaldo is slow (and yes overweight) so he'll be easily contained by Gallas and Thuram that is why he needs the speedy Robinho by him. Robinho is fast, skilled and very hungry and can carve the ageing French backline for his overweight but deadly partner to score. Ronaldinho needs to have a huge game and come to life because this is not the world player of the year. Juninho should start instead of the poor Emerson. He spreads the ball much better than Emerson and is the best free kick taker in the world, period. He won't, because Parreira lacks the balls; he's not Scolari.

France will as usual rely on Zidane to orchestrate the midfield and feed Henry. France will try and take advantage of free kicks and hope that they can repeat what they did in 1998. I'm hoping that Domenech will play Trezeguet along side Henry to put more pressure on a fragile Brazilian backline, particularly with Trezeguet's aerial threat. He won't, because he lacks the balls; he's not Scolari.

This one is too tough for me to call, but I'm going for 2-1 for Brazil. France are too old :-)


Blogger SeattlePharaoh said...

Still 10 minutes in the game but Brazil are dead and buried. Another wrong prediction but I'm happy. They were shit, good riddance.

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