Thursday, June 29, 2006

Italy vs Ukraine predictions

Probably the least exciting of all games which is no surprise since Italy is taking a part. The Italians have the best defense and goalkeeper of the tournament. Add to that some special theatrical skills by their offense and you have a winning, albeit cheating, combination. Ukraine are one dimensional and rely on Schevchenko who will be easily dealt with by Cannavaro and co. My prediction: 1-0 Italy (unfortunately).


Blogger Mustafa said...

Your prediction don't seem to work to well. Personally I'm playing in a fantasy league and I've chosen Lippi as my coach to play it safe, I'd say there's virtually no chance of Italy losing to Ukraine and if worse comes to worse Italy will go to penalties and the match will count as a draw for me. If does get to penalties I sure hope Italy loses. Ukraine have a worse defence and hence it would likely guarantee more goals in the semis.
The other three matches are just too tough and could go either way.

1:59 AM  
Blogger SeattlePharaoh said...

I meant to say its a 1-0 win to Italy :-)

5:30 AM  
Blogger Mustafa said...

You were more or less right about Italy but I meant your other predictions really. Spain and Argentina for example didn't go quite your way.

2:47 AM  
Blogger SeattlePharaoh said...

I know. I thought Spain was a long shot and it was more or less a sentimental prediction. I wanted them to do something, anything! Argentina lost the game because Pekerman threw it away with his bizarre substitutions. Had he replaced Riquelme with Aimar or Messi they should have won. He removed their one and only playmaker at the time when he needed someone to hold the ball.
Anyways my crystal ball will need to be spot on to get anything right at this stage!

6:14 AM  

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