Monday, June 26, 2006

The men in black need a red card

Apart from a couple of games involving Argentina and Germany the second round games have been a disappointment so far. Some of that has to do with the tension and fear of losing but a lot of it is related to the "new" refeering methods being applied. I can understand that FIFA wants to clamp down on shirt-pulling, diving and whatever cheap tricks (read cheating) that player can occassionaly resort to, but pulling out a card for every foul committed is not the way to solve this. The Portugal-Holland game was a complete farce a fiasco and an insult to the millions of people who turned in to watch it. The problems continued in the Italy game with two horribe calls. The red card was in no way deserved, it was a yellow card at best and the penalty should have been a yellow card for a blatant dive. It's not your regular dive where a player acts like he stepped on a mine without any contact. This one was a smart dive, the player leaves his foot dragging behind him knowing that the defender's body is in the way and the rest is history. I just hope tomorrow's games and the rest of the world cup will see better refs and better games.


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