Saturday, June 10, 2006

Watching the world cup in America

This is my second time I watch the world cup in America, but somehow its even more irritating than the first time. I guess since the games are aired in the morning I am more alert to the American idiotic commentators. A lousy commentator can literally ruin the joy of watching a game. How about 2 lousy commentators then! Here are the top most annoying comments that these guys make:

1- Stop the analogies. They love showing how much football has in common with their sports. "This game is tense, it feels like the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded".

2- Please stop the analogies. I must have heard the Riquelme-Shaq analogy 10 times while watching the Ivory Coast vs Argentina game. "You see what the Ivory Coast is doing to Riquelme? They are double up on him. This guys is so skilled, its basically like in basketball when other teams double up against Shaq".

3- Mercy! Stop the analogies. "The Ivory Coast is the about 1/3 the size of Texas".

4- Please please stop the analogies: "David Beckham is like a quarterback."

4- You gotta love the stastics. Did you know that Argentina never lost a game in the world cup after leading by 2 goals or more during half time? I guess you didn't, but if you watched the game on ESPN2 you'd have heard it at least 20 times. Watch the world cup on ESPN2/ESPN/ABC and you will be bombarded with statistics both verbally and on the screen.

5- How about some acronyms every now and then? "PK" is penalty kick. As if penalty was such a long word to begin with. And yes, there were no penalties in that game, but one commentator shouted PK every time a player fell in the box.

6- Lastly please stop cracking jokes, they all suck.

I miss Euro Sport :-(


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