Sunday, June 11, 2006

World cup report 6/11

Here's my analysis on the day's games.

1- Holland v Serbia and Montenegro: This was "The Robben" show. Arjen Robben single handedly tore the Serbian defense apart. I liked this Dutch team a lot. They looked solid and like all Dutch teams are very comfortable passing the ball around and have great vision. I do think that Robben needs to pass the ball more and the team as a whole needs to provide more balls to Van Nistelroy. He was starved in this game which is a waste for such a clinical finisher. Robin van Persie needs to get more involved in the game and add an extra wing to the Dutch game. This is a team that will get much better as the tournament progress and will go far. I was quite disappointed at the Serbian and Montenegrian team as I thought they would be the team that will surprise the most during this world cup. They had a very solid defense and good attack during the qualifications. They didn't play well at all and disappointed me. I think they are the worst team of this group thus far and will need to improve a lot in order to progress.

2- Mexico v Iran: I've been a fan of this Mexican team for quite some time now but felt that they didn't deliver the goods today. The score line is not representative of the game as it was a very tight affair. Mexico need to play their game and pass the ball around trying to carve through the opposition or cross the ball to Borgetti who is one of the best headers in the game. They might do well in this world cup, but they c cannot play their game against more aggressive teams. Iran didn't impress me at all.

3- Portual v Angola: I expected Portual to rout Angola and thought that the game was heading this way when Pauletta scored in the 4th minute, but that didn't happen. Credit to Angola who regrouped and held Portual to a slim lead. I felt that Portugal didn't play well today. Ronaldo needs to be more of a team player and stop tying to nutmeg the whole field. Portugal are also one dimensional in that they rely on Pauletta to score their goals. Ronaldo had several chances which he should have buried, but Pauletta looks like the only player that they can rely on to deliver the goods. They need to improve a lot, but will progress along with Mexico from this group.


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