Sunday, June 11, 2006

World cup reports

As I expected this world cup is shaping up to be a high scoring one. The first 2 days had some good games and some terrible ones. Here's my take on the games thus far.

Germany v Costa Rica: Opening games are always tough and even tougher for the home team. Germany didn't play that well and should be worried about their defence. They will need to tighten it up otherwise it will be an early exit for them. It was suprising to me that they insisted on playing a flat back four and deploying the offside trap even though it was obvious that Costa Rica beat it several times. They do have a solid midfield and a very potent attack.

Poland v Ecuador: The Polish team was terrible, but all credit to Ecuador who played a very smart game. Took the opportunites that they had and defended very well. Poland need to play much better in order to stand a chance of qualifying to the next round.

England v Paraguay: Terrible game, but England will be happy with the 3 points. They will improve as the tournament progresses.

Sweden v Trinidad and Tobago: This was probably the poorest Swedish side I've seen in a while. They have lots of talented players, but the team didn't click. T&T frustrated them and they should be proud of their accomplishment. They don't stand a chance against England though. Sweden will have a tough game against Paraguay.

Argentina v Ivory Coast: Best game of the tournament so far. I thought Argentin were very good and they are the team that impressed me the most. Ivory Coast played very well and made Africa proud. If Argentina have any weak points it's Riquelme and their defence. Riquelme is extremly talented and can alter a game with one pass but he can occassionaly drift out of a game. If he is not involved Argentina do not play well. This was evident during the first and last 10 minutes of the game when Ivory Coast had the better possesion. Their defence didn't impress me that much, it didn't look very well organised.


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