Saturday, July 01, 2006

Brazil and England out.

Although I predicted that both would win, I don't think I really believed that. Both teams are quite similar in the way they were disposed. They struggled throughout the tournament and never delivered on their potential. Brazil in particular never played as a team but as a group of individuals. Ronaldinho looks to have believed that the stunts he pulls on the Joga Bonito video clips can be done in the world cup. He should learn from Zidane. England believed so much in Wayne Rooney and dubbed him the "next Pele", which off course is rubbish. Lastly both teams were lead by coaches who lacked the courage to make the right yet difficult decisions. Beckham was a waste for England and should have been benched, while relying on an overweight Ronaldo upfront was silly at best. Both teams needed someone to pop their halo and they are deservedly out.


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