Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ciao Deutschland!

Probably the best game of the tournament so far and worthy of a semi-final. I fancied Italy to win it and that is what happened. Italy are a fantastic team lead by two great players; Cannavaro and Pirlo. Cannavaro can play alone in defense and still help his team keep a clean sheet. He is truly a joy to watch. Pirlo is the midfield master mind. He controls the pace of the game and his passing is second to none. I liked Lippi's changes, which were all unlike an Italian coach as they were all offensive. I suppose he knew that Germany never lose penalty kicks while Italy never wins. I labeled the Italians as cheats after their game against Australia but to be honest the game was very clean and there was none of that traditional diving. Germany are a young team, but I am still not convinced that they can be a great team. They will need to prove themselves on foreign soil where they are not lifted by their home crowd.

P.S. Where were Ballack and Totti?


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