Saturday, July 08, 2006

Italy vs France predictions

We're down to the last game of what was for the most part an average world cup. Hopefully tomorrow's game will be worthy of a world cup final, although I am certain there will not be many goals scored. The game will be very even between two experience sides, although I give Italy a slight edge. They have more depth than France, particularly in midfield and wings. Both teams are excellent in defense and in Thuram and Cannavaro have probably the top defenders in the world. France will as usual depend on Zidane, who should be tightly marked by Gattuso. If Italy can do what the Portugese did to France before conceding the penalty then they will win the game. They will need to keep Zidance off the ball and prevent him from feeding Henry. Italy's hopes will be pinned on Pirlo and Totti to try and carve the French defense. They can also depend on their flying wingers, Zambrotta and Grosso who love to attack. If France end up winning the game it will probably be from a set piece. I'm going for a 1-0 win to Italy.


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