Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Rooney,Ronaldo saga

A lot has been said recently about Rooney's sending off and what part Ronaldo played in that. To be fair the sending off was harsh. In my opinion Rooney didn't intentionally try to castrate Carvalho. They were both going for the ball and Rooney accidentally squashed Ricardo's balls. Shit like this happens in football. I also believe that Ronaldo's reaction was normal. It's a tense quarter final and you've just seen your team mate's balls squashed, what do you do? Stand there and watch. I'd have done the same; confronted Rooney and shouted at the referee. Having said that I can understand that the poor referee had no choice but to send Rooney off. It's a lot easier for me to say that it was not intentional because I have the replay, the referee has to make an immediate decision. People tend to forget that the referee's main job is to protect the players. Now, is there an area that needs more protection that a player's balls? He had to protect Carvalho's crown jewels :-)
The unfortunate thing about this mess is the role of the press who tried to vilify Ronaldo and blame him for the sending off. I am not a big fan of Ronaldo, although I do admire his skills, but to do so is unfair and missing the point. Not to mention is it a complete exagerration. I really doubt Ronaldo has the power to send players off. I'm also shocked at a former player like Allan Shearer hoping that Rooney "sticks one on him". Absolutely disgusting.


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