Sunday, July 09, 2006

Zizou, what did you do?

It seems unbelievable that the great Zidane did what he did in that game. One of the world's greatest players leaves behind a legacy that spanned 10 years of domination of world football. He did it all, winning everything and in style, but he will forever be remembered for the way he head butted Materazzi in the chest. A momentary lapse of reason and maybe he decided that he could no longer take any abuse, but to do it in is such a game is unforgiven. Aside from that incident the game was a typical final, ebbing and flowing with both teams dominating seperate spells of the game. France were lucky to be awared the penalty for the slightest of touches on Malouda. In my opinion that was a poor decision by the referee and a great dive by Malouda. The Italians regrouped and dominated the next 20 minutes of play. The managed to score and should have been ahead were it not for the bar. From then on it was all Zidane. He took control of the midfield and in the second half it appeared that Italy had run out of gas. I thought that Toni's goal was valid and he was the only Italian player who was not offside, but aside from that Italy did nothing except defend and hoping that they can win it on penalty kicks. Although they won the game, they were not the better team on the night, but were the best team in this tournament so deserve the championship. What will ultimately be remembered from that night though will not be the victory but the head butt. That single moment of madness by a genius of the game.


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